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Annual Report 2023

Our strategy: Advance 2025

Our Advance 2025 strategy builds on Corbion’s fundamental strengths by further focusing our business portfolio in alignment with global market trends. This will be achieved by increased investments in key growth areas such as natural food preservation, algae-based ingredients, lactic acid derivatives, and natural polymers. Aligned with our purpose, "to preserve what matters," sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Company highlights

Corbion’s core purpose is to preserve what matters. Drawing inspiration from the balance found in nature, our products and solutions are thoughtfully crafted, considering the needs of people along our value chain, respecting our planet’s natural boundaries, and sustaining financial viability. This commitment to maintaining a balance among these three crucial factors not only defines our present but also fortifies us for the future, mirroring the delicate balance observed in the world’s ecosystems.

Corbion is striving to create sustainable impact across every stage of our value chain: from the workers harvesting raw materials, to manufacturing, usage, and disposal. Our value chain is intricately linked with others, fostering what you might call a value chain-reaction.

As this 2023 Annual Report demonstrates, Corbion is uniquely positioned in the value chain to deliver sustainable impact, and we are doing so in a demonstrable way. These case studies are intended to give you a taste of how.

Sustainable impact in sugar sourcing

The Corbion value chain starts with the sourcing of raw materials. These include (among others) the sugar needed to create many of our products – which in turn form a valuable part of our customers’ products. So how exactly are we creating sustainable impact in this area? Corbion Vice President of Sustainability, Diana Visser, explains.

Sustainable impact in home care products

The home care industry is changing fast as consumers wake up to the possibilities of cleaning products that are safer for people, take less toll on the planet, and perform just as well as their chemical-based equivalents.

Sustainable impact in the bakery industry

Did you know that after produce and seafood, the biggest contributor to global food waste is baked goods? To help tackle this challenge for both bakers and consumers, Corbion offers a range of dough handling ingredients that not only help minimize waste in the home through extended shelf life, but also enable bakery customers to reduce losses on the factory floor.

Sustainable impact in aquaculture

Salmon is an important - not to mention delicious - source of nutrition for a growing number of consumers striving to eat healthier diets. For example, it’s an important source of the fatty acid omega-3.

Sustainable impact in biomaterials

A key social aspect of sustainability relates to preserving the health of a growing and aging global population. A notable innovation in this field is the controlled-release drug delivery system – whereby patients, instead of ingesting medication orally daily, receive infrequent injections that gradually release the correct dosage of the drug over time.