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How we are

Preserving what matters

We champion preservation in all its forms, using science to propel nature’s ingenuity

Creating a safe workplace is our priority

"In a previous company I saw someone get seriously injured and I will never forget how I felt - and how that person’s colleagues felt. I don’t ever want to experience that feeling again."

Jason Chu – Senior Engineer for Global Operations

Doing well by doing good in Morocco

“This project isn’t just about producing an abstract PowerPoint slide on sustainability. We are doing the meticulous, back-end work needed to contribute solutions to the big societal challenges related to climate change and global economic equity.”

Amber Beckett – Sr Product Manager & Business Development Manager

Putting our energy into a renewable future

“The temperature is rising every year and we’re seeing more and more rain now in Thailand - even outside of our rainy season. Just last month, floods damaged the home of a few colleagues here.”  

Suvasa Chokdeepanich – Procurement Director

More sustainable oil is in the palm of our hands

“Palm plantations are found in tropical peatlands that act as natural ‘carbon sinks’ for absorbing carbon dioxide. It’s one of many reasons why we have a duty to preserve this precious environment.”

Margaret E Walsh – Senior Scientist

Putting deforestation 'in the picture'

“Where I grew up in southern Brazil, I saw the negative effects of agriculture expanding into the natural environment and the pre-harvest burning of sugar. Now I’m helping to stop it.”

Cristine Kayser – Sustainability Specialist

Making haste to zero waste

“At Araucária, everyone constantly thinks about how we can contribute to a better future. By reducing and reusing the waste we create, we can make a huge impact on our daily lives.”

Flávio Ribeiro – ESH Manager

Taking giant steps to minimize our carbon footprint

“I am a project manager with a passion for sustainability, but also a mum with kids, and I live at sea level. I don’t want the children of the world to lose their home either due to various climate change issues.” 

Suzanne Verhoef – Senior Project Manager, R&D