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The world around us

At Corbion, we focus our resources and capabilities on addressing global megatrends, including population growth, food security and safety, and resource scarcity. We do this while also responding to evolving consumer needs and preferences, which are being shaped by shifting demographics, access to pervasive technologies, the desire for a sustainable future, and the pursuit of health and happiness. These dynamics guide our work and priorities, while fueling our growth as a company.

Today’s global economy is being buffeted by far-reaching and intertwining forces: climate change, an aging population, the war in Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis, political instability, a global pandemic, and the influence of the digital revolution on the way we live and work. Each continues to impact market activity, inflation, practical business realities, technological innovation, and the perspectives and buying behaviors of consumers.

Globalization presents manufacturers with opportunities to expand their reach; it also steepens the challenge of delivering safety and quality, while navigating complicated, sometimes disrupted, value chains. Particularly in food, this heightens the importance of greater transparency and traceability. And although a growing middle class in the Asia-Pacific region is fueling new demand, recessionary impacts and rising labor and raw material costs are putting pressure on manufacturers to meet that demand while managing formulation costs more tightly.

Corbion grapples with value chain disruptions and escalating operating costs in our business, just as our customers do. Those challenges have inspired our experts to deliver solutions that help our customers reformulate successfully and maintain business continuity in the face of supply chain and inflationary pressures.

We continue to excel in helping customers bring to market more natural alternatives and antimicrobial solutions that align with the needs and expectations of an expanding middle class and an aging population focused on nutrition, food safety, and transparency.

We leverage 100+ years of experience, market knowledge, dedication to ongoing R&D, hands-on technical expertise, and commitment to sustainability to help our stakeholders address the impact of these trends and navigate a complex, often ambiguous future. Being the world’s only global producer of lactic acid uniquely positions Corbion to bring real value to manufacturers confronted with raw material volatility and supply disruptions. Continuing to deliver that value will not only safeguard our commercial future but will also benefit society at large.

What sets Corbion apart goes beyond the innovative, customer-centric solutions we bring to the market; it is also that those solutions are designed with the future in mind by preserving food and food production, health, and the planet. That is how we create long-term, multidimensional success – or, in other words, true sustainability.