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More sustainable oil is in the palm of our hands

Why are we doing it?

Palm plantations are found in tropical peatlands that act as natural ‘carbon sinks’ for absorbing carbon dioxide. It’s one of many reasons why we have a duty to preserve this precious environment.”

Margaret E Walsh – Senior Scientist

What are we doing?

Versatile, trans-fat free, and efficient, palm trees can produce at least twice the amount of oil per hectare than other vegetable crops, hence palm oil has become an essential ingredient in some of the products that Corbion provides to customers. The challenge? Farming this product in a way that preserves the planet and respects people. Hence Corbion’s work with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

“Traditionally, palm oil was farmed in a way that was disruptive to animals, plants - and the peatlands them-selves,” explains Margaret. “But it is possible with more modern and efficient farming methods to prevent this.”

Hence, Corbion now purchases 100% of its palm oil from RSPO-certified plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia that are regularly audited by independent, third-party auditors to ensure that their rich biodiversity is maintained. Apart from preserving the planet there’s a real human aspect to this too, according to Margaret. “The certification also ensures that workers on these plantations receive a living wage and are treated with respect that all humans deserve.” 

How are we doing?

To achieve RSPO certification, Margaret and the Corbion team have established comprehensive internal systems that provide full traceability of palm oil: from the supplier, to the Corbion facility, to the customer. In fact, Sarah Haddox, Senior Account Manager, is already seeing the results with customers. “We are now using all this data to set new standards in palm oil traceability for one of the world’s largest food brands,” she says. “We both share the same sustainability ambitions – and we are now sharing the knowledge to jointly achieve them.”