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Putting our energy into a renewable future

Why are we doing it?

The temperature is rising every year and we’re seeing more and more rain now in Thailand - even outside of our rainy season. Just last month, floods damaged the home of a few colleagues here.”

Suvasa Chokdeepanich – Procurement Director

What are we doing?

As our manufacturing capacity grows in Rayong, Thailand, we aim to produce more bio-based products, like lactic acid, while demanding less of the planet in the process. Two years ago, Rayong began sourcing 25% of all its electricity used at the site from renewable sources. By 2022, that number had already doubled to 50%. In 2023? We will reach 100%. 

“Making a change like this is a huge undertaking of course, but as we continue to see the effects of climate change in Thailand, everyone here is deeply committed to this,” says Suvasa. After a long search and negotiating process, Suvasa and her team chose a local supplier that will deliver electricity to the site and have reserved 18 solar farms as renewable sources from January 2023. 

But it doesn’t end there. As part of the agreement, the new supplier will also efficiently provide steam for the Rayong boilers – further reducing on-site emissions. “We have also signed an agreement with our supplier, TotalEnergies Solar, to install solar panels on the roof of some buildings and car park – which will generate a further one megawatt of renewable electricity,” adds Suvasa. 

How are we doing?

Corbion’s Rayong site now has an official certificate for renewable electricity provision that guarantees both the renewable source and the volume of electricity supplied, for the next 15 years. “We are proud to set the example as one of the first manufacturing facilities in Thailand to use 100% renewable electricity,” says Suvasa, “and excited that by 2025, every Corbion site will join us in being 100% powered by renewable electricity.”