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Doing well by doing good in Morocco

Why are we doing it?

This project isn’t just about producing an abstract PowerPoint slide on sustainability. We are doing the meticulous, back-end work needed to contribute solutions to the big societal challenges related to climate change and global economic equity.”

Amber Beckett – Sr Product Manager & Business Development Manager

What are we doing?

When it comes to societal benefit, it’s hard to look past Corbion’s portfolio of natural preservation solutions that reduce food waste (SDG 12) and increase food safety (SDG 3). Now, we’re taking this contribution to the next level through a family of next-generation antioxidant solutions, including a rosemary-based ingredient.

“Rosemary is an ideal antioxidant because of the powerful natural mechanisms it has evolved to survive the harsh desert conditions where it grows in Morocco,” says Amber. “We can harness these natural rosemary extracts to protect against flavour degradation in foods caused by oxidation of fats and oils, ensuring the final product stays fresh and delicious throughout its shelf life.”

Frequently, Moroccan rosemary collectors have exported the plant’s leaves to their customers globally for processing. The problem is that these leaves contain just 2-3% of the active antioxidant ingredient (carnosic acid). “Our solution was to identify and work with a supplier partner to produce and extract the carnosic acid locally,” says Amber. “As a result, our new antioxidant solutions contain 15 times the standard amount of carnosic acid as exported rosemary leaves, decreasing the carbon footprint and reducing excess shipments.”

How are we doing?

These new antioxidants are taking a bigger bite out of food waste by safeguarding products for longer; and there’s also one further benefit, says Amber. “They help move the native growing region of Morocco further up the value chain, retaining more monetary value in the local economy. It’s a true case of doing well by doing good as Corbion continues to increase the percentage of products that positively contribute to SDGs.”