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The world around us

We focus our resources and capabilities on addressing the global megatrends of population growth, food security, changing values, climate change, and resource scarcity while responding to evolving consumer needs and preferences. With our more than 100 years of experience and expertise in creating innovative solutions for our customers, we are well positioned to help address the impact of these trends. This will not only safeguard our commercial future, it will also benefit society at large.

The demographic changes, including a growing middle class and an aging population, translate into a highly individualized and more demanding consumer population with increased awareness of food safety and transparency. Offering conscious consumer choices drives several of our innovation programs, such as clean-label alternatives and antimicrobial solutions. The increased awareness of climate change and resource depletion and the willingness to address those, create a need for our sustainable solutions.

To create a future with sufficient resources for a growing population, the world needs to adopt circular systems, where material flows are recovered and re-used. Corbion's biobased products are inherently circular and critical enablers of the circular economy, as they reduce the use of fossil resources that cannot be replenished.

A sustainable bioeconomy can only be realized if we consider the full value chain, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, use, and end of life. Our biobased resources depend on agriculture, which is one of the largest contributors to both environmental and social impacts. Implementation of sustainable agriculture is key to maintain economic performance while minimizing the damage to the environment and creating thriving farming communities.

The advancements in technology and, more specifically, biotechnology are key drivers for the development of our new platforms. They also function as new enablers in our continuous improvement programs in R&D and operations, where big data and manufacturing intelligence contribute to more efficiency, better insights, and improved safety performance. In executing our strategy we continue to be guided by our company compass which articulates our vision for the future and the role that Corbion envisions to play.